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  • Resposive Web Design

A website is an open door to your business that allows your potential customers know what your company does and keep the existing ones informed of what you have done lately.

Today people search for products or services online using Google, Yahoo, Bing or AOL and when they open any specific link they look for more information: prices, special offers, description, location, driving directions, phone numbers, benefits, and electronic forms to make an appointment, inquire more information or purchase online. If you don't have a website, you may be missing the opportunity to sale more. Furthermore, you are letting your competitors to beat you to a sale just because your business doesn't have a website.

Why hiring a professional web designer?

Don't be tempted to do it yourself or assign the task to your youngest cousin, unless any of you is a professional web designer. Your website as well as your business cards, brochures and print material must show a very professional image of your business. A poor image will dishearten customers. Once you have decided to own a website, contract a professional web designer to build your online presence. He/she knows the technical aspects of showing the best about your company in a professional manner.

Our Web Design Process



Meeting with our customers is very important to us because building a website is not just putting pretty images together. It let us gather the information we need to create a unique website that clearly represents the business values, corporate image and what they do best. It's the discovery phase: What are the business goals, vision, target audience, taste and style... Then, we analyze the information, select the keywords and come up with the marketing strategy to set up the new website.




The design phase includes organizing the information gathered in the previous phase in blocks and sections that are easy to understand for the end user, displaying it in a mockup design that shows the preliminary structure of the website, colors, font type and everything related to the visual aspect: the aesthetics.




Once the visual elements are set and the mockup is approved, the development process starts. Using the latest standards in programming, the website is built and tested extensively in a variety of browsers and devices to assure the end user has a pleasant and friendly experience.




The deadline has arrived and the website is launched. During this phase minor adjustments may take place. Once the website is live it is important to monitor its performance and continue with the marketing strategy to reach out the target audience. It's now the time for the promotion.




Promoting the website implies using the social and marketing channels to let the audience know what a company is best at, what they offer and why they should be selected over their competitors. It means using our arsenal of creative ideas and multimedia aids that best favor its exposure to the public and ultimately attract new customers.


What is the cost of a website?

Cost varies according to the type of elements included in the website. By elements we mean static content, dynamic forms, slideshows, info-graphics, database handling, shopping cart, lead generation pages, blog, etc. A website could be a simple landing page with a call to action button or complex system that tracks sales online or blogs with daily postings or a online store with a few or thousands of products. We work with small to medium size businesses who want and understand the importance of having a well designed and professional online presence.

We will more than happy to help you. Let us know what you are looking for by requesting a free quote.