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Having a store online saves you a lot of money in operational costs associated with employees, rental space, utility bills, and more. With an online store you can extend virtually the working hours and reach customers beyond your hometown any time of the day or night.

Additionally, many operations handled in a regular store can be performed automatically through a website with a shopping cart like completing sales, collecting taxes, calculating shipping costs, generating invoices and even managing inventory.

Selecting the e-commerce solution that best suit your type of business will depend upon how fancy you want to go, how much virtual storage you will need and the type of security you want to offer to your online customers. Factors to be considered when choosing the best e-commerce solution for your business should include:

Storage (hosting): Be sure you have enough room for images and data.

Bandwidth: This is related to how much data can be sent and received over an Internet connection. Quality pictures and video are key for selling online so you must have a plan that allows visitors view your site quickly. Start at least 1 GB of bandwidth.

Features: A basic shopping cart must have at least payment options, catalog managing and browsing capabilities, coupons, shipping options, managing orders, checkout page to capture payment, search engine friendly pages, and social media integration.

Support: Besides the documentation offered by the shopping cart provider, consider having a webmaster person available in case you need a technical advise or a customization.

At BracoMedia we help you find the best e-commerce solution for your business  whether you want to sell a single product or over a thousand. Our service includes installation, configuration, integration with your preferred payment method and shipping carrier. We also offer maintenance plans and training services. And if you want to go further ask for our online marketing plans.

Start expanding your business by selling your products and/or services online and save on operational costs!

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